“The U.S. fire problem, on a per capita basis, is one of the worst in the industrial world.

To put this in context, the annual losses from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters combined in the United States average just a fraction of those from fires.” ‘Fire in the United States’, 13th Edition, Federal Emergency Management Agency Page 1, Oct 2004

 From 1900 to the present, fire protection racketeering within the United States has destroyed more American lives than the number of combat deaths caused by all our wartime enemies. Thus our betrayers within have been more deadly than our outside enemies.


The basic intent of the Crusade Against Fire Deaths is to define the ways to eventually bring about the near complete elimination of “out of control” building fires and fire deaths. This may seem to be a near impossible goal to achieve but that is because there has never yet been any well organized effort to achieve that goal. Note that prior to 1900 the public believed that it was an impossibility for humans to fly. People invariably believe that what has never before been done is impossible to do. But throughout history always there were some who did not accept the idea that the “impossible to achieve” objectives were really impossible to achieve. So within this web site I will reveal the ways by which the goal of nearly completely eliminating fire deaths and injuries due to building fires can be accomplished.

The key to eliminating serious fires within buildings is both logical and easy. When fire first initiates it is nearly always small and easy to extinguish. So, the key to eliminating serious building fires and fire deaths is to terminate the early fire before it has a chance to grow large and deadly. And there are affordable ways to do that. Many will be surprised to learn that from a cost viewpoint the real solutions cost but a fraction of the very inadequate politically correct solutions practiced today. 

There are two major ways to virtually eliminate fire deaths due to building fires. One is to automatically apply water spray to the very early and small fire. When automatically doused with water spray when the fire first initiates the potential danger is eliminated before it becomes a threat to life. That solution is called a fire sprinkler system. It can control the danger with 99.9% reliability. The second way to terminate a fire before it becomes a danger to life is to alert the occupants with close to 100% reliable fire and smoke detectors and to provide the occupants with the type of fire control equipment that is easy to employ and very safe to use.

However, there have been extremely powerful organizations strongly opposed to these logical solutions to building fires. There are several reasons for the opposition. One reason why the real solutions to fire have been opposed is because by terminating a building fire before the local fire apparatus can arrive will reduce the reliance on the public fire department. A second reason is because the greatly improved protection will seriously cut into the profits of the fire insurers. I will explain why within the posted reports on the Document page. The third reason why the logical and economical solutions to fire have been opposed is because the best and most economical solutions would eventually void the marketing of defective and overpriced protection. All the reasons for maintaining the status quo are financial. Dollars have outranked human life.

 More than 100 years ago the fire insurance industry created two organizations to help the insurers profit from the fire problem. Insurance profits, not humanitarianism, were the objective. One was the National Fire protection Association (NFPA). The NFPA gained the power to create codes that became enforceable laws regulating commerce related to fire. The NFPA profited from fire by allowing profit making businesses assign voting members to the code committees, so that they could develop codes to force the public to buy what they sold. When codes mandated the purchasing and use of the wares a business sold, the fire inspectors “sold” the products by enforcing the codes.

 The second organization created by the insurers is Underwriters Laboratories. The UL tests and certifies the product or system as being authorized to market the product or system within the American marketplace. I will present evidence confirming that UL has falsified fire tests to help profit making organizations market defective and overpriced devices and systems.

 It is near impossible to sell a high percent of the goods and services in America without meeting the NFPA codes and bearing the UL Logo. The controlled market is estimated at several hundred billion dollars a year. I will provide evidence confirming that the NFPA/UL regulatory system has created dishonest marketing schemes to enrich their clients while sacrificing human lives. See
Role of the UL in America's deadliest fraud 

The basic intent of the Crusade Against Fire Deaths has been to define the ways that will nearly completely eliminate fire deaths while dramatically reducing the overall cost of fire protection. Of course, to accomplish that, it is first necessary to explain to the people how it can be done and then to use public awareness to defeat marketing controls that prevent the best and most economical solutions from becoming the norm.

How far will we go to accomplish this goal ? See Ban Ionization Alarms

 R. M. Patton FPE - CA



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We hope to gain support of

U.S. Senate and Congress soon to ban ionization alarms and mandate photoelectric alarms as is currently taking place in Australia. See Smoke alarm inquiry: Keith Golinski, who lost 3 granddaughters and daughter-in-law in house fire, calls for mandatory photoelectric alarms.

We are currently contacting members of the United Nations and those who were involved with the Montreal Protocol  that successfully placed a worldwide ban on CFC's in 1989, seeking guidance on proposing a worldwide ban of ionization alarms. 

Only 5 U.S. States have photoelectric smoke alarm mandates so far but even those States have not banned ion alarms and there are loop holes excluding older homes.  5 European Countries have banned them due to ionization alarms having radioactive element in them which leaves well over 6.5 billion people in 45 States and 189 countries still at risk.

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